Metal Cutting Machinery

We are offering here the Metal Cutting Machinery that are used to fabricate parts by the removal of material, typically metal. Machining is one of the resulting manufacturing processes by which excess material is removed by shearing from a pre-formed blank in the form of chips using a wedge shaped cutting tool in order to get desired shape, finish and tolerance. Metal cutting commonly is the process of removing unwanted material in the form of chips, from a block of metal, using cutting tool. The offered Metal Cutting Machinery is very efficient and made in a number of industries as per the need.
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Vertical Gantry Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shear Machine

Price: 50000-150000 USD ($)/Set

Application: The heavy steel gantry shears are mainly used for cutting large steel scrap, processing various plates into various materials. suitable for scrap metal profiles of various shapes (such as section steel, round steel, Angle steel, channel steel, billet, I-beam steel, steel plate, steel pipe, scrap steel bar, aluminum profile, aluminum plate).

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copper hydraulic press machine

Price: 10000-20000 USD ($)/Set

aluminum/iron/copper hydraulic press machine Introduction: Automatic metal block pressing machine ,iron powder, manganese powder powder forming hydraulic press is a four-column structure hydraulic press, which is mainly used to compact iron powder, manganese agent, copper agent, chromium agent and other powder into cylindrical cakes. The press has advanced technology and uses an advanced volumetric weighing method with an accuracy of 5 grams. It has completely changed the method of manual weighing in the past, not only saving a lot of plastic bags, but also saving a lot of labor costs. The safety factor is extremely high, which fundamentally solves the safety problem of workers at work, and allows you to rest at ease. Main features: 1. This press adopts advanced mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated control, with automatic feeding device, floating pressing, so that the molding density of the product can be effectively controlled, protective mold release and general mold release are available. 2. The hydraulic system adopts advanced The plug-in combination valve block ensures continuous and frequent stable work of the hydraulic machine; 3. The mechanical stop positioning and stepless adjustment mechanism of the three positions of loading, forming and demoulding determine the stable and adjustable geometric size of the product. Equipped with oil cooling device. 4. It adopts PLC and man-machine interface for centralized control, and is equipped with mechanical limit device to ensure the consistency of products.

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mobile shredder machine

Price: 10000-20000 USD ($)/Set

Product introduction: mobile shredder machine due to the unique design, safety, durable, small noise, high output, good quality of finished products, low processing cost, convenient maintenance.In addition, it can be customized according to customer requirements, which is the choice of small and medium-sized customers. The characteristics of the mobile shredder machine is: the combined structure of the special thick plate precision processing, the strong rotation axis of the large Angle hexagonal column, the large diameter strong into the hopper, so you can rest assured into the large raw materials. Mobile shredder machine are mostly used for material dispersions and sites unfixed, It is also our company according to the market of this demand which Centralized technicians for in-depth research and development of the mobile shredder machine,In the original technology the shredder machine added to Vehicle chassis and make more convenient for mobile working. Product advantages: The mobile shredder machine according to some customers facing outdoor operations and mountain needs. On the basis of the original shredder machine added to vehicle chassis and tire, also have four lading legs. The importance of the landing legs are to stabilize the body that does not produce shaking and sliding at work.

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double shaft shredder machine waste car body crusher tire recycling shredder waste bicycle crusher

enquipment introduction: Xinding double shredder is developed based on market demand products. It adopts automatic control of microcomputer (PC) to set automatic start-up, stop, reverse and overload reversing control functions. It is mainly used for shredding light and thin metal with certain strength and waste garbage to increase its packing density for transportation and reuse . Performance characterstics: Xingding double shredder through the UN CE certification, machine technology from Italy, the use of microcomputer (PC) automatic control, set start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control, with low speed, high torque, low Noise and other features, the use of split bearing type, easy to dismantle and change the knife suitable for large, very thick hard materials. Working environment and conditions: Voltage: 380V (can be customized according to the motor to adapt to different voltage) Environmental pollution: light weight with a little bit noise, without pollution

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car shredder machine

Price: 50000-150000 USD ($)/Set

Metal shredder The Scrap metal crusher/metal shredding machine adopts planet gear speed reducer driving; the blade is made of high-strength alloy steel, featured by strong abrasion resistance and high strength etc.; differential operation between axes has the functions of tearing, extrusion and occlusion, etc. The electrical part adopts Siemens electrical elements programming control with automatic detection and overload protection function, etc. Its suitable for the refining of various large-sized and hard-to-break materials such as oil filter, scrap aluminum sheet, aluminum strip, iron sheet, scrap steel, sheet iron, copper sheet and other scrap metal materials with the advantages of uniform discharging and controllable size, etc.. Its advantages include high efficiency, low rotating speed, large torque and low noise.


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